Best Sublimation Printer 2023 | An Ultimate Guide

Various printers are available in the market, from heat transfer and circuit to sublimation printers; they are the most popular choice today due to their compact options. That’s why many sellers also come into the market, making it difficult to recognize the best sublimation printer and where to get it. Though sublimation printers are expensive, that’s why you need to get a well-informed choice so that you can get the best out of your buck.

So, in today’s guide, we have covered the top sublimation printers with a complete buying guide to your related concerns so that you can decide easily. Buckle up your sleeves and stick with us till the end. 

Best Sublimation Printers Available in the Market

Printing your artwork on paper to transfer dye on fabrics is a real joy-able experience, and you can make this experience more joy-able with the help of the best sublimation printer. So, either you want to start your sublimation business, or you are either in the research phase or want to get one for personal, office or home use. We have covered you here, so you won’t need to roam around in search of a top sublimation printer. 

Our Pick1
Epson Workforce WF-7720 Wireless Printer
Epson Workforce WF-7720


Canon Selphy CP 1300 – Best Compact Photo Printer
Canon Selphy CP 1300


Brother MFC-J995DW – All-in-One Best Sublimation Printer
Brother MFC-J995DW


Epson Surecolor Large Sublimation Printer
Epson Surecolor


Sawgrass  SG500 Dye Sublimation Printer
Sawgrass  SG500


Canon 9856B002AA ImagePROGRAF Large Format Inkjet Printer
Canon 9856B002AA


Canon Wireless Super Tank - Home Office Printer
Canon Wireless Super Tank


Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided ID Card Printer
Fargo DTC1250e


Liene Instant Photo Sublimation Printer
Liene Instant Photo



So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Epson Workforce WF-7720 Wireless Printer

One of the finest sublimation printers is the Epson workforce WF 7720, with various features and a good combination of speed and quality. Anyone who works in the office would be already familiar with it.

Due to its wide range and numerous functions, it is known as an all-in-one printer. Moreover, it’s best for office use, so whenever someone sends you a document on your mobile, PC, or tablet, with the help of an Epson workforce printer, you can proficiently scan or print them without any worries. 

It’s highly recommended to use this printer with only Epson ink and cartridges and avoid third-party usage for a quality printing experience. Some people claim that the ink is suitable for the Epson printers, but don’t believe them because any other brand of ink or cartridges is incompatible.

Epson 7720 sublimation printer has a high capacity to print 500 papers, reducing your time and saving you from lots of hassle. With that, you can also connect your smart devices to the printer and can control it from anywhere you will.

Moreover, while using printers, people often face the issue that the printer gets stuck at some point, but while using this printer, we didn’t notice this issue. So, we recommend Epson Workforce as one of the best sublimation printers, a beast-size printer which will be an incredible investment for you. 


  • Can print more sheets, with an average sheet capacity of 500.
  • Automatically print, scan and copy the documents.
  • Come up with a 4.3 inches color touch screen, which makes it easy to use.
  • Due to its wireless printing system, it’s easy to operate with the help of an IPad, phone, tablet or anything.
  • Can easily scan 2-sided documents of up to 11 * 17”.  
  • Capable of doing many more things, such as printing, scanning, copying, faxing, and color printing.
  • The entire body is made with hard plastic, which makes it durable.
  • The built-in automatic document feeder option will put your life at ease. 


  • Easy setup.
  • Wireless printer with WiFi, USB or Ethernet functionality 
  • Large in size.
  • Capable of holding 500 sheets at a time.
  • Even a beginner can operate it easily.


  • You need to get additional ink if you would want to print more than usual

Canon Selphy CP 1300 – Best Compact Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP 1300 – Best Compact Photo Printer

Canon is a renowned brand whose ultimate focus is to create digital cameras. So, this time it comes up with a photo printer which is easy to use and goes outdoors. With its built-in wireless connection, you can print at the home, office or anywhere. 

As it’s a wireless photo printer, it makes it possible to take photos anywhere and anywhere. Not only this, but it will also create bright, long-lasting photos so that you can feel pleasure in showing others. 

Canon selphy CP 1300 is fast that would save lots of your time. On average, it would take only 47 seconds to print a 4 by 6 inches photo, and if you want to print a card-size photo, it will take 39 seconds to print so that your memories remain ready to share whenever you need and want. 

Remember, there is no touchscreen option, so you may find it difficult to operate, but it’s not because it has easy-to-operate buttons. Make sure you have a little extra space where you place your printer so that a photo paper room back and forth to complete the printing process.


  • Made of plastic which makes it more durable.
  • Come up with a 3.2-inch LCD and a tilted screen, making it easier to handle.
  • Capable of printing 4″ x 6″ in just 47 seconds.
  • With its 300 x 300 dpi feature, you would get a clear and sharp image.
  • It supports file formats, JPEG and TIFF and many others.
  • Compatible with a variety of devices, but your device must be connected to a wireless network.
  • It comes up with 5 sheets of paper that are postcard size.


  • Affordable yet durable.
  • Install an app and just get connected to the printer.
  • It pairs quickly and with ease.
  • Take less time to print more.
  • Good image quality.


  • Not good for repetitive pictures. 

Brother MFC-J995DW – All-in-One Best Sublimation Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW – All-in-One Best Sublimation Printer

While using any printer for sublimation, you often face the issue of changing the ink repeatedly, which isn’t only frustrating and costs more. So, brother MFC-J995DW solved this problem as they claimed their ink would last for 1 year without needing to replace cartridges. Sounds interesting!

It also has a tank technology system, making it an ideal choice for any office or home; brother MFC can meet small office needs. Most importantly, it also has a page gauge so that you can measure the ink and wouldn’t get out of it while doing a job because it has a numerical way to show how much ink has been left with an estimated page count. 

Brother MFC-J995DW sublimation printer has near field communication (NFD) technology with a touch screen navigation of 2.7 inches LCD. 


  • Internal link storage tank so you could print for a year without changing cartridges.
  • Support network protocols of TFTP, HTTP, FTP and much more
  • Its cartridges hold more ink than needed to get uninterrupted printings.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 and many more.
  • Capable of connecting with any mobile device but with an internet connection.
  • With this, you can print 12 pages per minute.
  • Just connect your iphone to it, and it doesn’t matter whether you are on the pc or not; use one click of the phone, and it will print your papers.


  • Fastest printer installation.
  • Quickly print and scan.
  • Rich in printing and scan quality.


  • The Paper tray is not capable of large papers.

Epson Surecolor Large Sublimation Printer

Epson Surecolor Large Best Sublimation Printer

Since we are talking about the best sublimation printer with an important factor of size capability to ensure how much they could handle. Suppose you would need to print large-size papers; what would you do? Yes, Epson sure color is here with a solution and a large printer for sublimation. 

Epson surecolor can print paper up to 24 inches so that you can print A1 or A3-sized papers without hassle. Its 4.3 inches large touch screen makes the task much easier to do. 

The minimal design of Epson SureColor is enough to enhance your workspace and can easily fit the stand. You can easily connect the printer with WiFi which would let you print directly from your smartphones, tables and much more, anywhere and at any time. 


  • You can print an A1 paper in just 34 seconds.
  • Ink cartridges have a high capacity where you can put 80 ml of black and 50 ml of another color.
  • They also have a MicroTFP print head, so you can get outstanding control over the images and text.
  • Ideal for printing blueprints, posters and line drawings.
  • Come up with a 4.3 inches color touch screen and auto sheet feeder.
  • As it’s a large printer it can accommodate 24 inches of wide paper.
  • You can also get an optional stand.


  • Quality large format printers.
  • Capable of printing larger sheets of up to 24 inches.
  • The large touch screen makes it easy to operate.


  • No manual start-up guide

Sawgrass  SG500 Dye Sublimation Printer

Sawgrass  SG500 Dye Sublimation Printer

Willing to start your own sublimation printing business but have a limited budget? Don’t worry; get a kick start with a best-budgeted Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer. It’s a highly affordable printer so that you can start your own business with a low start-up cost. 

With the help of a Sawgrass printer, you can create high-quality images with a really low per-image start-up cost. Various other models are also available, but Sawgrass SG500 offers high-resolution images with greater ease of use than any other model. 

Sawgrass can also perform an automatic maintenance cycle so that you can do trouble-free printing. Moreover, you can get a wireless or wired connection; the choice is yours. It also has a built-in self-cleaning system, which is enough to ensure that the system remains in optimal performance. 


  • Designed to minimize ink consumption.
  • It can print up to 51” inches long of paper.
  • Offer WiFi connectivity 
  • A brand-new processor would let you process the images faster.
  • It had a capacity of up to 250 sheets.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8, Mac, OS, and more.
  • Can print a 600 x 600 dpi with a high speed and in just 15 seconds


  • Easy setup.
  • Faster and high-quality printing.
  • 2 years warranty with unlimited tech support.


  • No touch screen function

Canon 9856B002AA ImagePROGRAF Large Format Inkjet Printer

Ensuring color longevity with print accuracy; now made possible by Canon. It has a five-color reactive ink system and sub-ink tank system to perform long tasks without stopping the printer. Most importantly, Canon 9856B002AA understands the importance of time, could save you lots of time and would let you print A1 paper in just 25 seconds by using economy models. 

With the help of a cloud server or a network folder, you can easily print or share documents. As you don’t have to download the document and they print, this would save you lots of time. 

We highly recommend this printer to the accountant as it allows them to easily print large format files of excel, word or PowerPoint. Undoubtedly, you would get exceptional color quality and speed with good consistency. But you won’t be capable of printing fabrics and thick boards that cause a serious limitation for any sublimation printer user. 


  • Capable of producing A1-size print in just 25 seconds.
  • Offers both USB and Ethernet connectivity options.
  • With a mobile app, you can get the wireless printing benefit.
  • Capable of converting a letter-sized document into post size – simply with the help of a plug-in.
  • Five-color reactive ink set with a sub-ink system.


  • Sub ink system. 
  • Incredible consistency and speed.
  • Can send print commands from anywhere using the could system.


  • No clear assembling instructions.

Canon Wireless Super Tank – Home Office Printer

Getting a sublimation printer that can do it all; is now possible. Canon PIXMA G7020 meets all your sublimation printer needs, from printing, scanning, copying and faxing with sharp and vivid colors in a single place. 

Though Canon G7020 can also work in an office, is an ideal printer for home and is capable of meeting small office needs, it has a capacity of 350 plain sheets, which makes it capable of performing larger print jobs more efficiently. Moreover, with the help of ink tanks, you can conveniently view the ink requirements, whether they need to be filled or not, where using ink bottles can refill them with ease. 

Most importantly, it’s a wireless system but remembers, the wireless connectivity and performance completely depend on the distance. If you want to print from your mobile, you can do it easily using your IPhone, Ipad, Mac or Google Cloud. 

With all these qualities, Canon G720 has an affordable price, making it on the list of best sublimation printers.


  • Wireless connectivity features save lots of your time. 
  • Capable of printing 6000 black and 7000 plus color pages. 
  • The printer uses a hybrid ink system for rich, colorful text and images. 
  • It can connect using both WiFi and USB.
  • You can also use Google Cloud, Air print, Iphone or Ipad to print.


  • Excellent photo quality 
  • Need to set up the printer only once.
  • Easy to refill the ink due to the tank system instead of cartridges. 
  • Climate pledge-friendly – certification.


  • Challenging WiFi connectivity.

Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided ID Card Printer

Since we are talking about the best varieties of sublimation printers, if you want to get a printer to fulfill your needs of I’d, security or membership card printing. Forge DTC1250e is here with all the features you need to print your professional cards; with its user-friendly features, you can print a card in just a few minutes. 

Forge is one of our premium picks that could do more than printing an Id card. You don’t need to have any printing experience to operate this. All you need to know is the basic features of card design, printing and text settings etc. – in short, everything that could make your card looks more professional. 

It could be an ideal choice for any school, university or health care center to meet the needs without hassle instantly.


  • It comes up with 3 years of warranty and a support system so that you can easily resolve all of your printing or designing-related issues. 
  • You can print a coloured in just 16 seconds and black and white in just 6 seconds.
  • You can create your customized cards by simply using drag and drop functions.
  • Come up with 300 durable PVC cards.
  • With its embedded technology, you can print all cards, from magstripe to smart cards. 


  • Warranty period with the support system
  • Different background images
  • User friendly.


  • Capable of printing only single-sided cards.

Liene Instant Photo Sublimation Printer

There could be no other way to save your memories instead of printing the memories at once. Liene instant photo printer is a highly affordable sublimation photo printer.

Any professional cameraman could keep this printer with them and instantly print photos whenever needed or wherever they want. Moreover, it’s a wireless photo printer, making it an ideal choice to instantly capture moments in a hard form. Most importantly, you can use this without any fear of error as it’s user-friendly, and with that, an app is also available to help and guide you through the process.

We often tend to lose the pictures of our loved ones once they get wet in water, but Liene provides a wonderful photo quality and a layer to protect photos from water, scratch or fading. 

Liene instant portable photo printer is compatible with all devices; whether you are an android user or IPhone, it lets you connect with the printer. With that, you can also connect 5 devices simultaneously; In fact, mobile phones can also connect your PC using a wire.  


  • With the help of the Liene app, you can operate it easily, as it will help navigate you through the whole process.
  • Liene has also provided a built-in WiFi hotspot to avoid complicated home network problems. 
  • Compatible with connecting 5 devices simultaneously with this instant printer for Android and IPhone.
  • You can also connect it to a PC with the help of a wire.
  • It comes up with dye sublimation technology.


  • Great photo quality.
  • Easy to use and compact.
  • Can print 4 x 6 inches images.


  • The app can cause a problem in some areas.

What should you consider while choosing the best sublimation printer?

The needs of every printer vary for every person, but if you are getting it for the first time, then there are some factors or points which you need to consider so that you can make a well informed choice and won’t ruin your budget. 

Though we have described the top sublimation printers, here is the list of what to look for to get the best. 

Speed and resolution:

The first and foremost factor is to consider speed. Time is money, and nobody wants to get a slow-speed printer that would waste lots of time. That’s why you need to get a printer by considering how much paper a sublimation printer can print in a minute. Remember, the speed of a color printer and a black-and-white printer would vary. Especially if you want to run a business, then a large speed or volume printer is your requirement which you need to follow at any cost. 

The printing resolution also matters, which is usually described in DPI. And to measure this, you can use the thumb rule of the more the number of DPI, the more you will get resolution and quality prints.

Size of the printer:

Another factor you should consider while getting any sublimation printer is how much space it would take. And for the best purchase, you need to analyze first how much space you have. 

Compact printers are considered the best sublimation choice as they can be placed in a little place; especially if you are considering it for office or studio use, it is better to get a compact printer. But, do remember the smaller the size, the slower the speed and the printing quality would also reduce. 

Maximum Printing dimensions:

To get the best buck for your purchase, we recommend considering the maximum printing dimensions of your machine. 

For this, you need to figure out your needs first, whether you are looking to print smaller size papers or larger sizes, then decide according to your need. 

Color accuracy:

Everybody wishes to have the same color-quality images as they were in the designing process, and to experience the same color quality; you need to consider the color accuracy of a specific printer on priority basis. 

So, the printer’s color accuracy, among other factors, matters the most. You will ruin your purchase if your printer is not delivering quality colors. 


The best sublimation printer must be user-friendly. If you are getting a printer, it doesn’t mean you will not be able to operate it, and you will have to hassle with it, especially if you are a beginner. No, a good printer would let you easily print paper as it has a straightforward installation and user instructions.

Different companies offer different ways to meet the criteria of user-friendliness. Some offer a manual instruction guide, and some with an app. So, it’s totally up to you which one you would get because the ultimate purpose is to get ease of use.

Connectivity options:

Since things are getting smarter and technology is evolving everywhere, that’s why you must need to consider the connectivity of your printer. You could connect it with the help of a USB port or Ethernet wired connection. 

Wireless connectivity options are almost available in every sublimation printer so that you can connect with your smartphones or devices. Undoubtedly, considering this factor while choosing the best sublimation printer would make your purchase more useful.

Control over printer:

Of course, nobody wants to get a wireless printer if they have to press the button manually and then wait for the restart. That’s why checking the factor of how much control you would have over the printer is essential. 

For this, you can check out whether they offer any app or any other service to get the ease of control over the printer so that you can handle the task from wherever you are.


What are sublimation printers?

A sublimation printer is used to print or transfer a digital design onto textiles, plastic, paper or any other sublimation-friendly surface. 

Are sublimation printers worth it?

Yes, sublimation printers are worth it. Especially if you want to get the best quality images with color durability, you can go with it freely. Anything imprinted with sublimation printers is close to permanent, and the quality is unbeatable. But some designs could work best with other printing methods.

Can I use a regular printer for sublimation?

A clear no! Using a regular printer for sublimation has never been a good idea. But if you have a printer that can work with a spot of sublimation ink, Yes! You can do this, but generally, it’s risky, and you won’t be able to get the same quality. 

What are the drawbacks of using a sublimation printer?

usually expensive
It will cost you ink and a printer
Not compatible with all types of ink
Specific ink used for a specific model

What is the difference between a sublimation printer and a regular printer?

Sublimation printers are used for a specific type of printing and are not for regular black-and-white paper printing. There are many differences between them, and among them, the top of the list is the use of ink, the printing process and their capability.

Which Ink Should I Use For Sublimation Printing?

It doesn’t matter which printer you use, but it’s always recommended to go for a quality ink to get a better experience. With that, some sublimation printers work well with their own branded ink. Only that’s why only try one and save your printing experience. 
Most importantly, the difference lies within the ability to print on different surface areas. 

Which One is a Best Sublimation Printer:

If you stick with us till the end, we are pretty much sure we got you covered, and you have picked your best choice up to your needs as we have stated here the list of sublimation printers keeping in mind the needs of every you. 

So, it completely depends on your needs which sublimation printer would be best for you, but if you want to give our top picks, then we recommend using the Epson workforce WF 7720, which is a beast size printer even for beginners. Moreover, if you want to print large-size items, we recommend Epson sure color.  

With that, we have also stated the best compact dye sublimation printers for printing Id cards, images or large-format PDF or excel sheets. So, just analyze your needs, and you are good to go. 

For any query, you can reach out to us using our comment section.