How to make a Sublimation Mug Wrap | Step by Step Guide

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How to make a Sublimation Mug Wrap

Your dream to make a self-designed mug wrap using the sublimation process will now become true. Because here we will share a few simple steps to easily create your piece of art. What’s exciting? you can utilize your household items for the most part and can make a wonderful set of matching tea or coffee mugs for your kitchen or gift it to someone else. 

So, whether you want to give it to someone or want to use it personally, the end product will be special and unique. Because it is made with your creativity and hands, so uniqueness is guaranteed. 

Now without wasting any time, let’s discuss what you need to start this process before we describe each step.

Things Required To Make the Sublimation Mug Wrap:

Following are the 7 things you need in the whole process:

  • Porcelain, ceramic, or stainless steel mugs
  • Mug wrap
  • Heat resistant tape
  • Transfer sheet (known as transfers)
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Scissor
  • Convection Oven

Let’s head down to the main course and discuss the steps involved.

Create A Sublimation Mug Wrap:

1- Transferring the Image

Transfer your selected or designed image on the transferring sheet, also known as transfer paper.

2- Trim the transferring paper

Now, trim the transfer paper to the required size. Make sure that it covers the entire Mug from top to bottom and from one side of the handle to the other.

3- Cut off the Thermal Tape

Cut the thermal tape into two 1-inch pieces and paste it onto the middle of both sides of the transfer paper. Make sure that one-half inch of tape is stuck out on either side. 

4- Place the transfer sheet on Mug

Properly center the transfer sheet onto the Mug and tape down one side. Slide your thumb around the vessel of the Mug to keep it tight. Now tape down the other edge.

5- Transferring of Image/Design

Center the Mug, wrap it around it, and transfer the image to equal both sides of the mug handle. Tighten the mug wrap manually using a nut driver or a drill for this task. Make sure the edges of the mug wrap do not touch the mug handle.

6- Place the Mug in Oven

Place the mug upside down (in a regular position) on the oven rack and set the temperature at 400 degrees to heat it properly in a convection oven. Heat it for approximately 16 to 18 minutes for a good result. You can heat more than one Mug at a time. All you need to do is evenly add space between the mugs in the oven rack.

7- Use of Gloves

As we know — safety comes first. So use thermal gloves to remove the Mug from the oven. Using gloves will help protect your hands from any harm.

8- Cooling Down Mug

Bring the fan near your Mug, place it around an angle of 45 degrees next to it, and turn it on. Let it run for 4-5 minutes to cool down your Mug. It may take 2 additional minutes in rare cases, but it’s fine.

9- Tape Removal

All you need to do is remove the thermal tape slowly and then transfer the image using gloves, and it’s all done.

Final Words

Following these easy steps, you can easily make a sublimation mug wrap. All you need is just be patient and make moves accurately, and you are right there. 

If you stick with us till there we hope your question on how to make a sublimation mug wrap is answered comprehensively.

We must say with practice, you can make a perfect design. Consistency is the key to success, so make it your habit. If your first attempt goes wrong, then don’t give up and try one more time. Most of the time, we make mistakes, and the best way of learning is to learn from your mistakes. 

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