5 Sublimation Design Softwares (Free and Paid)

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5 Sublimation Design Softwares (Free and Paid)

To get creative or experimental with sublimation, what is the first thing you need? Well, it is the Sublimation design softwares to generate unique, thoughtful, and innovative sublimation designs. Printing a single design includes multiple things like editing, cutting, pasting, and much more. And when it comes to multiple sublimation designs, a highly structured editing tool is required.

Sublimation is a modern-day requirement, and to meet this requirement in the best possible way is to keep experimenting. Trying new designs or creating new sublimation designs is not something out of the planet. People create sublimation designs to print their t-shirts, mugs, cushions, and much more. 

To bring life to printing designs,  Sublimation design Softwares are used for designing. It is sort of a small business, and people invest in it, to stay in touch with modern-day requirements.

What is a Sublimation Design Software?

Sublimation Design Software is an editing tool that helps users generate sublimation designs in bulk. It is a mixed blessing that comes with more than one benefit. The best thing about Sublimation Design Softwares is their divergence and heterogeneity. You can use them to create, make and edit your designs.

It gives you the power to practice your artwork and give it a shape in the form of print. All the designs you see on t-shirts, mugs, and other objects are a by-product of  Sublimation Design Softwares. This software helps you mirror your artistic impression in different forms and types.

In this era of technology, paid and free sublimation design software are available to stay ahead of the printing game. In today’s article, we will share some super cool Sublimation Design software, both paid and free.

Paid and Free Sublimation Design Softwares

All the design software offer printing, editing, duplicating, and downloading multiple graphic artworks. Some of the Sublimation editing software work free of cost, while some demand money. All the advanced Sublimation Design Software is paid for, while the normal but beneficial software is free.

Here is a comprehensive list of Sublimation Editing Software to help you choose the right tool for sublimation printing:


Canva is a free Sublimation design Software, but for advanced-level features, it also demands money. It is a modern editing tool with some amazing creativity tools. You can use Canva for social media posts, resumes, photo editing, and other printing tasks. It is rich in features, and you can use them to customize a design of your choice.


  • Canva is easy to use and access. You can use it on a laptop or can download its app on the phone. Within a minute, you get access to combine, montage, and edit photos.
  • Canva is a free tool that generates designs for t-shirts, mugs, Instagram posts, and other sublimation printing tasks.
  • You can choose the template option to create CVs, portfolios, and resumes. You can modify the old one, or create a template of your own in no time.
  • It is a user-friendly design software for a lot of sublimation printers like the Epson Sublimation Printer. 


  • Canva is not a fully free tool, and it has some pro features that demand payment in dollars, like using advanced templates and some photo editing options.
  • It lacks some editing resources like background removal, free stock assets, video combining, and t-shirt design printing.
  • It is not a true Sublimation Design Software with a variety of offers. It is available in three versions: free, pro, and teams. The basic level is free, and the other two are paid. 

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an industry-standard software application with exemplary features and customer service. If someone says that they have not used Adobe Photoshop, it would be a great lie for a person working in the printing industry. Adobe Photoshop is a high-quality and comprehensive design application in the market. 

It is an automatic editing application with modern-day designs, advanced features, and countless templates. Adobe Photoshop is the perfect printing software for beginners, and people utilize it for years.


  • Adobe Photoshop is available for hundreds of editing and personalized creation plug-ins. It is an automated designing software that supports all kinds of devices. You can connect it with more than one plug-in at one time.
  • Adobe Photoshop is not a limited Sublimation design application. It is available in multiple languages, features, designs, and templates. 
  • The printing quality of Adobe Photoshop is premium and undeniably the best in the market. It is a pixel-oriented manipulation tool with a 3D printing option.


  • It is a true photo editing application that comes in raster form. For final sublimation prints, all the designs are converted into vector form for sublimation printing.
  • It is easy to use for graphic designers but not for beginners. People who subscribe to this design software require understanding, and a little bit of practice before using it.
  • Customer service needs improvement as some people filed complaints regarding its working, smoothness and early access. It is expensive editing software, and users pay heavy fines for unsubscribing before 12 months.


It is a fine digital printing software for sublimation printing. It is a free tool with so many special effects and editing options. Krita is used for multiple designing options like printing canvas, shirts, posters, illustrations, and more.

It is unique and easy-to-use editing application software for people of all age groups. People use Krita for digital purposes like layering, color change, filtration, and printing courses of action.  


  • Krita is a fully free tool, and it comes with 100 preload brushes, filters, layouts, and designs. You can select filtration masks, brushes, and other editing tools for design customization. It is a cost-free sublimation printing space for all users.
  • Krita is a handy Sublimation design tool to customize educational posts, content, file, and documents.


  • It is only good for digital designing and not for fabrics and other materials. It is a limited editing tool with a narrow customization range. You cannot use it for photo and video editing because of restricted resources.
  • There is no proper support team behind this application. Users have no one to guide them and provide help when something gets wrong when using Krita. It is not a user-friendly app.


It is a graphic designing application, and people use it for Sublimation print designing for free. It produces vector graphics, but it is not the final product. For the final product, convert your output to vector images for easy sublimation printing.

The best thing about this software is its price and access. It is free of cost designing software with so many graphic designing options.


  • It is an open editing source with more than one plug-in option. GIMP offers excellent and high-quality outputs like Adobe Illustrator.
  • It is a free designing software with tile-based memory management, high-level photo manipulation and editing tools, and powerful printing in general.


  • There are no proper tutorials for this editing software, and people require proper guidance because of the poor learning curve.
  • Layering options are not visible, and users find it tough to find standard editing functions of this software.

CorelDraw Graphics

Coreldraw Graphics is a flexible and all-in-one designing software. It is a good source of digital designing for people with low budgets, and no designing experience. Coreldraw guides a step-by-step process to help people customize sublimation printing designs.

Coreldraw is not only famous for its user-friendly experience but also its ideal design space. It offers a variety of templates, editing tools, and download formats for users.


  • It includes robust color management, bitmap image editors, Coreldraw Graphic Suite, and other unique arrangement choices. 
  • Perfect platform for professionals and beginners in sublimation designing space.
  • Comes with a customizable UI and a 15-day free trial for all users
  • Easy to learn and flexible in use


  • It is a handy application, but a lot of notifications appear on this app. Notifications and unnecessary pop-ups disturb the designing and editing experiences.
  • Produces incompatible raster images


There is more than one sublimation designing software. They all vary in features and characteristics, but what makes them fall under one umbrella is the result. The purpose of editing tools is to create unique and innovative sublimation prints for multiple reasons. It is up to you to choose the right tool after doing research or understanding them deeply.

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